Let’s get lit!



There is probably a discussion going on somewhere on what really constitutes “feminist literature”; what you have here are a bunch of so called “feminist classics” and a book I’l always trying to get people to read because a)I love it and B) I’m bully like that. Supposedly I promised in the beginning of the year that I wouldn’t badger people into reading certain books etc. but that’s cancelled and I’m back to my nagging ways. It worked for Cato,right?*.

I still hope that I will make a lovely flowchart over feminist literature but it will have to wait to a rainy day.

  1. We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; based on her TED-talk from 2012 this essay will probably have an impact based on the fact that Adichie tells of experiences that many recognize and it has been widely spread. It’s a call to wake up basically.
  2. Fear of flying by Erica Jong; written as fiction it does bring up the thorny subject about women and sex. About what women want and what they are told they want. I was surprised at how fresh it sounded and how relevant much of it still felt. But then that’s kind of the human condition? Always wanting what you can’t have? Many regard this as a feminist classic, and I had heard the term “the zipless fuck” many times and  never really knew what it ment.
  3. How to be a heroine by Samantha Ellis; This book is important since our role models as children do have something to do who we grew up to be. If children books are lacking girls, or people of colour or disabled people, then how will we ever learn to really get along and “be free to be you and me”? Yes, parents have the outmost responsibility but we would be fools to think that they are the only ones who influence our young. And besides this is joy to read. Save it for a slow weekend.
  4. The second sex by Simone de Beauvoir; “you are not born a woman, you are made into one” she pointed out. A deconstruction of womanhood,feminism and the patriarchy. Sharp writing,true words. Probably has a reputation as a difficult book but  it wasn’t in my opinion.
  5. A room of one’s own-Virginia Woolf; About the creative condition or rather the conditions to create. A magnificent piece of writing in my opinion, that in a humble voice(almost surprised) show how women are always present but not noticed.

Happy International women’s day!


*I’m referring to the statement “Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Carthage should be destroyed” that he supposedly added at the end of all his speeches. I read SPQR remember so I’ve learned new things and everything about the Roman Empire that I’ve forgotten is coming back to me.





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