A poet and a cocktail


I did have a “Bobby Burns” on Burns night actually, but didn’t blog about it. Hadn’t planned that far ahead(not at all in fact). As I’m Swedish, and until recently not much of a poetry reader, I’ve been more acquainted with the cocktail that bears his name then his actual work.

Well then; more then one of his poems is is “A poem for every night of the year” so I’m getting friendly with the peasant poet too. If I rummage in the archives of my fave podcast,”In our time”, I’m sure to find an episode about him. In addition to that I recently won this lovely print. I need to find a frame and a place for it but all in good time. Let’s have a cocktail first.

The Bobby Burns first turns up in that most classic of cocktail books, The Savoy Cocktail book. However I was always taught to use twice as much whiskey as sweet vermouth. My preference is for  very smokey  single malt; I love the contrast with the sweet vermouth and the herbal touch from the Bénédictine D.O.M. However it is unclear what this has to do with the poet more then Scottish poet= Scottish whiskey. That said the naming of cocktails can be pretty damn random, as long as they taste this good nobody minds.

The Bobby Burns; yields one cocktail

5 cl single malt whiskey

2,5 cl sweet vermouth

3-4 dashes Bénédictine

for serving;

chilled cocktailglass


  1. Stir ingredients in a stirring glass filled with ice until chilled.
  2. Pour into the glass and zest with the lemon. Then let the lemon zest join the drink in the glass.
  3. Enjoy responsibly!



Books referred to in this post:

The Savoy cocktail book

A poem for every night of the year



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