February statistics.


Already it’s time to wrap-up another month. Time flies when you have books to read( also; February is the shortest month).

Books read; 8,5 although “We should all be feminists” by Chimanada Ngozi Abiche isn’t a book, it’s a booklet at most. And I’m not done with the essay collection by DFW yet so that 0.5 only. Will put it on hold during March.

Best reading; SPQR by Mary Beard and the old issue of “Slightly foxed” that I was sent when they cleared out their offices of back issues that were not in pristine condition.

Worst: Wicked by Gregory Maguire. 

Best viewing; “Taboo” and “Last week tonight with John Oliver”. Both on HBO. It’s the only streaming service I subscribe too I’m afraid so guilty as charged of selection bias.

Clothing items lost; 2 pairs of shoes. The rate of spontaneous combustion has slowed thankfully.

Items added; A few accessories sewn and a pair of fresh new sneaks for spring has been bought. When I say sneaks I mean Stan Smith.

“Semlor” eaten; To many to mention. Had the last yesterday when it was Mardi gras/Fettisdagen.

Most worn perfume; Grand Néroli from Atelier Cologne.  My bottle is almost empty.





4 thoughts on “February statistics.”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of Rome, but I really want to read something by Mary – I have SPQR waiting at home. One day…

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