Blank-et space

So over the years a selection of blankets has accumulated. It’s the kind of thing that I’ve gotten as a gift, and I have bought a few myself too. It’s the kind of thing that is useful and an easy way to change the mood of a room.

Currently there is a patchwork blanket( a mix of my own work and a huge blanket from a flea market) on the bed for those really cold nights and a 60’s mint green and white one folded on the sofa that is used when warmth is needed. I do love that shade of green.


In the back of the linen closet two other blanket have been hiding. Both were lovely at some point but one was ruined by a cat, the other by moth(a sad sad story). I didn’t have the heart to throw away the whole thing so cut off the eaten bits and did what someone had told me about; I basically boiled it in the washing machine. And then I did it with the other blanket too.

TAKE NOTE! this only works with blankets that are wool. And don’t do it directly in the machine; put it in a pillowcase that you tie-up properly first. In short follow these instruction. I didn’t; I just did as  I was told. The pillowcase part is crucial but I didn’t add balls or anything for “rough it up” which is important for a good result.

When it’s done you have great material for crafting projects; this thick felted wool doesn’t need to be zigzagged instead you can just cut and sew to your hearts content.

img_0385First I made a little pocket for my phone because nothing drains battery like a cold phone(and it’s often cold as I live in Sweden and put my phone in the pocket of my coat). I also made a series of pouches for my sunglasses. As it is the kind of thing that I’m often buying cheaply they don’t come with their own cases. In the future they will be at least semi-protected when lingering in my bag. With these it’s just deciding the size, then I handstitched them in a neutral colour. Could be done in embroidery yarn as a colorful detail. There is no need to make proper buttonholes on a sewing machine; just cut a slit the size you want.

img_0685The other blanket became a cover for my macbook. Here you can see what can be the result if it isn’t properly roughed up in the was; piling. I might just run this through another wash to see if it helps. It wont shrink anymore at least but the surface might improve.

Online I’ve seen tea cosies, coasters,cushions and a wealth of other things made of wool items that have been shrunk in the washing machine(intentionally or not; If you ever shrink a sweater in the wash by mistake  you can save face by using it for crafts).



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