Weekend,Wicked and wilting tulips.


As I’ve complained everywhere recently I’m reading too many books at the moment. I’m not in a reading slump of any kind; it’s rather a lack of time and a scattered mind that’s to blame. And to some degree books that are just not for me and thus fail to sustain my attention.

I did make an effort with Wicked if only for the reason that it was the only book I had that was a paperback, so it fitted into my bag without adding too much weight. It’s taken me over a week to finish but I’ve listened to many podcast during that period. In short I’ve been carrying around a book without reading it.

It must be noted that;

a) I have not seen the musical Wicked that so many people love and which is based on this book.

b)I have very little relation to the work of Frank L.Baum and “The Wizard of Oz”. I’ve seen the movie with Judy Garland and that’s about it.

The idea is brilliant; a story from the point of view of the wicked witch of the west. I love a retelling of a fairytale and a love a witch so I was ready to be swept away by this. I wasn’t.

In my opinion this begins to fall apart very quickly after our dear Elphaba(who becomes the wicked witch of the west) has grown up. The story drifts here and there; the characters are very uneven and the world building feels shoddy. The dialogue is somewhere between highschool and highfalutin. Gregory Maguire went to the ideas buffet and put to many things on his plate and it ends up rather a big mess. I don’t know if I would have been more interested had I’d seen the musical or loved the wizard of Oz.

Somethings, like tulips, fall apart very gracefully. This story didn’t. Luckily the booksales have started so I’m in a position to stock up on reading materials.

Have a great weekend!




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