The Artist’s way and abstaining from books

img_0585I finished this a while ago and I’ve been putting off a review as I’ve tried to figure out if I should go a week without reading or not. But let’s start from the beginning.

I heard about this book probably two years ago when I myself was in a bit of a creative slump. I had a cocktail-blog that I felt no love for anymore and other creative endeavors had stalled. In my case it was other books and friendly advice that got me moving forwards. That lead to changes but I’m in a better place now undoubtedly.

Had I read this book then I would have felt differently about it; now I can see things I did, advice that is often given in this kind of book(the therapeutic effect of cleaning and organizing comes back in this kind of literature;they have a point) and what would have been a problem for me to do back then. Like the task not to read for a week.

The obstacle that is “earning a living” aside I would have less of a problem with it now then back then. Not that I’m a hugely creative writer or have any dreams of becoming one; I blog almost everyday and I find it a nice outlet for my thoughts, all I want really. But when you feel frustrated it is very hard to venture out of your comfort zone(i.e. reading nook)  even though the reasoning is solid; by not reading anyone else words for a week you make time and space for your own, an exercise in “mind clearing”.

So will I do it? Not now, I feel no need. But I will remember it if I end up in a slump again.

Good advice is good advice wherever it comes from is the attitude I try to have; that I’ll always learn something. That said I do think this is rather babbling in the way that american books can be, for obvious reasons Cameron wants to bring up all the cases where her advice has helped but it becomes repetitive and frankly boring. It can be edited another way.

What I did like is that this is so much about working by yourself and maybe joining a group of friends. No licensed gurus or teachers have been giving a blessing from Cameron; she makes money on the book but nothing else. She genuinely wants to help people and I believe she has(some people love her book and have told me there stories about their roads to a more creative self in DM:s), and “the method” is easily layed out and Cameron has learned from mistakes and points out the potential pitfalls, drawbacks and has a strategy for them.

In short; if you are in a creative cul-de-sac this is worth checking out.




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