No trifling matter*

img_0536I’ve made dessert. Again. But it’s a variation on a theme; most desserts I make are based of fruit(or berries), whipped cream and then it’s a toss-up between meringue or spongecake i.e I either make a variation on Eton mess or some kind of trifle.

For someone who is in equal amounts uninterested in desserts and very interested in creating harmonizing combinations of flavour a trifle is a great canvas. It can be composed with existing “materials”,so no baking required, and really the sky is the limit. Which means that my trifles will surely upset some people who are very conservative(and insist on custard having to be one of the layers; I say not always).I never use jello in a trifle but prefer curds and jams; as pointed out I don’t always use custard it happens.In fact BBC4’s Food program had a great episode about it that you can find here.

I made the chocolate and apricot thing a few weeks ago, there is a legendary one with white chocolate,lemoncurd, cream and raspberries which I’ve lost the recipe for.

In this case there is sponge at the base, a generous helping of the curd I made with bitter oranges, loads of whipped cream and topped of with some strawberries. I sliced a few and put in between on of the layers of curd and cream too. In the style of Alice B.Toklas I’m not gonna offer much in way of measurements; you really can’t go wrong and experimenting is a way to learn.

In this case I made them in individual bowls which isn’t optimal; they really gain from being made in big bowls where several layers fits. Another thing to remember is time; it really must sit for at least 6 hours but preferably over night to get all nice and soggy. If you want it to look nice when serving you can put some of the cream aside, and top it with a last layer of fluffy whipped cream and some berries at the last minute.

Now if you excuse me I must go eat the leftovers of this and have coffee. And try to finish some books.


*sorry; pun too good not to use.



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