Weekend and what I’m (not) reading right now

img_0550It’s been a hectic week and I haven’t had neither time nor peace of mind to read. I’m also in a situation  having to start certain books as they need to be returned to the library, but I don’t want to carry heavy books around(I’ve been dragging around enough stuff as it is).

A poem for every night of the year is obviously not something that needs to be finished soon; I do plan to stick to it throughout the year and not jump ahead. It will turn up in many stacks of books to come.

The memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar is a re-read; it’s a wonderfully written, a profound contemplation about life,power and love; a novel as a biography of the roman emperor Hadrian. I will try to keep my rereads to a minimum this year, but I couldn’t resist this one when I was reminded of it. The Roman empire is one of those things that I return to again and again: I have SPQR by Mary Beard on my desk and I so want to read Augustus by John Williams.

I’m having a hard time with David Foster Wallace; some of the essays in this book are great, but others are about things that I know very little(or care for) and not even Wallace inspired writing can keep my attention. Might just mark DFW as DNF.

The Lonely City by Olivia Laing is the book I’m enjoying most of these; her writings on loneliness from the perspective of art,literature and Laing’s own experiences feels like a palate cleanser from curated imagery in my FB-feed and in lifestyle magazines. It’s an in-depth look at certain artist and their works but connected to a bigger picture. Full review when I’m done.

Wicked is another one that I don’t know if I will finish; the idea is great, a retelling of the wizard of Oz from the perspective of the witch of the west, but Maguire hasn’t gotten all the pieces together in my opinion.




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