How to time-travel for dummies

I love a proper shop. I don’t frequent them as often as I would like to, but a few really are worth the effort.



If you live in Stockholm and love cocktails this is a must; they have all the herbs and spices that one need to make vermouth,quinine-syrup and bitters. Also they are great on all things for bakers(candied lilacs etc. ) and have the best saffron and green cardamom in town. A selection of their products are sold in other shops but really it’s worth visiting the shop to get the experience of them getting things from big tins and wrapping it in brown bags. It’s like a time capsule. More information here.

2.Sibyllans kaffe&Tehandel;


This place has smartened up their profile of late but they still have one of the best breakfast tea blends around, The Sir Williams-blend, in addition to a very cool interior(check the ceiling) and a lot is like it has been since 1916 when they opened. More information here.

3.Tea center of Stockholm;img_0296

Located at Södermalm(close to Slussen) this is a bit outside my usual tracks but worth it. So many nice teas, great staff and again; lovely vintage interior. They are famous for their “Södermalmsblandning” which is a floral black tea and very nice one. More info here.

An easy way to get the best of “yesteryear” without having to worry that consequences will have a huge impact on your future. Or you know it will; you will have stuffed the cupboards with coffee,tea and spices. But that was always the plan, this is just making the most of it.



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