Seven things to do on a Sunday.


Where I live the church bells are heard on Sunday morning calling the congregation to gather. I don’t go as I’m not religious. However I have for a long time tried to embrace Sunday as the day of rest, and try to slow down a bit. A few suggestions on how;

1.Read pretty much every article in the Financial Times weekend; I rarely manage all of it during Saturday and Sunday to be honest: I’m usually not done until Wednesday. It’s an old joke in my circle of friends that I get most of my information from UK Vogue,Financial Times Weekend and the swedish news show”Landet runt”( which brings together  news stories from local TV-station and shows them to a national audience). It’s often said that “the devil is in the details”; I would say also the sign of the times and possibly the future. I’m still not over the fact that they went from broadsheet to tabloid format but as long as David Tang is “Agony uncle” I’ll allow it(because obviously my opinion on these matters are of importance to FT).

2. Drink way too much tea;  Really it’s the best way to enjoy tea. Splurge on good quality loose leaf earl grey and the Sunday afternoon is saved.

3.Catch up with your correspondence; always a good thing. If writing letters is too much then postcards maybe? It’s the thought that counts.

4. Jigsaw puzzles;  In fact I don’t have one, or haven’t laid one in ages but very much feeling the urge. I assume they will be trendy again very soon. I imagine that some clever chap has made a jigsaw puzzle with Banksy art on it to appeal to young and hip people. Damien Hirst has probably started to market his own with his artworks as he has always been very clever and forward in that department.

5. Card games; I mentioned a few posts ago that I had laid out a game of Solitaire. Super fun. As I have stayed at home with a cold for a few days(hence no post yesterday) I’ve gotten into it. When I have a cold my eyes swell up and I can’t read properly, not to mention the sneezing and coughing as a constant interruption. Cards however? The worst thing that can happen is that I sneeze and the cards fly everywhere I guess but I’ve been spared that. If you have someone to play with then by all means do!

6. Keep the playlist to strictly jazz and/or bossanova; No easier way to escape the thoughts of tomorrow, and the mundaneness of a Sunday afternoon, then a soundtrack that just oozes of elegance and yesteryear. Timelessness is what you should aim for.

7. Cook or bake something, very slowly; It really is mixing business with pleasure to slow cook a Bolognese or roast a chicken on a Sunday. You can start in good time, enjoy the process and will have leftovers(hopefully) to last you a few days.



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