The whole is greater then the sum of the parts

img_0219My love of patchwork is eternal but sometimes it does tip over into more of an obsession. Mind you; I mean patchwork, not quilting. I have every respect for it just not the patience. I cut squares of left-over fabric and ruined clothes, zigzag the edges and sew them together. Very simple procedure and quick results, results that have a lot going for them.

During the last few months I’ve made one patchwork coat and one patchwork kimono jacket. And a few odd bits and bobs. The coat(here) was a riot of colour whereas the kimono jacket was done in denim and blue, so rather more pared down. That’s what so brilliant about patchwork; you can be minimalist; if all you have are left-overs in black and white it it can be minimalist chic, and when using fabric of all colours it still turns out alright . As someone who has worked with statistics a lot let me assure you that there is indeed order in chaos and patchwork is a testament to that.

Lately I made a blanket for a friend who is having baby: all those well used scraps of fabric are well washed and super soft so worked well for it, will keep the baby nice and warm.

I also made little “dust bags” as they are called. Most my bags are second-hand,vintage and homemade i.e. they don’t come with bags to keep them in. And the whole “keep a bag in a bag” that Marie Kondo preaches don’t work because most my evening bags are the same size. I’ve made several of these over the years; some obviously in just one kind of fabric because I’ve had pieces big enough. In this case I had squares left over from making the coat so decided to use them first. I’m also a lazy sod in that I couldn’t be bothered to make them into drawstring bags or attach a button or so. I just tie them up with nice ribbon saved from fancy packaging; preferably grosgrain.

On my patchwork resume I also have a rather big patchwork blanket(lined with an actual blanket), several pillowcases, big bags(almost like sacks) to store winter duvets and such and a table runner. Opening the overhead linnen closet is like looking in to a bowl of sweets which I find rather uplifting. And in regards to the table runner; when setting the table with it the rest looks best if it’s pared down but that’s for you to decide. Oh and there is the Christmas patchwork tablecloth. The list goes on and on, and the way my clothes keep falling apart I’m ensured of materials for future projects.




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