Three Toklas tipples

img_0223-1In the Alice B. Toklas cookbook there is a recipe for Sloe gin. She insists that the jars need to be shook everyday for the three months they are infusing, I beg to differ.

Regardless of that they are now ready to be sieved and enjoyed; the berries has had enough time to give the gin an excellent taste. She makes no suggestions how to enjoy it, so let me help you. (You can obviously buy sloe gin ready-made but it isn’t as nice though better then nothing).

  1. As an aperitif; when done right just as small glass of this, with an orange zest and maybe and ice cube or two, is a very nice start to a dinner.
  2. Sloe gin&tonic; self explanatory I guess but not to be forgotten. Lemon or orange zest can both be used. The slight sweetness of a sloe gin is offset nicely by the bitterness of tonic. I must say that this does taste best in winter.
  3. Sloe gin Negroni; proceed as a regular Negroni with the exception of the vermouth. Here I must say that a dry vermouth is to be preferred to a sweet one as to not overtake the sloe gin. But a third of each is still the rule.



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