Weekend, what to read and who to follow


I’ve got a few books on the go and this old thing is also laying on my desk, being browsed at times. It’s an effort to encourage people to take it easy from the 60’s, the author being concerned that the newfangled invention “the television” is ruining family interaction. It’s got a few nice tips on games and a few novels for reading out loud. Actually quite charming. I’ll give you a more in-depth list of suggestions when I’m through with it but I will tell you that I got out a deck of cards and actually played out a game of Solitaire.

A few things to read in the mean time;

  • Join the Obama Book club! Life in cold climate started a great initiative that you should take part in; open to all and sundry and all sorts of books on that list. Read more here.
  • If not that then Reading in bed has started on Franzen in February! You can read more here and you should also read this(and  follow her so you can tag along for the ride). I don’t know if I’ll have time, too many library books turned up at the same time, but will try.
  • Still unsure about what to read? The book satchel summed up best reads of the first half of 2016 here and the second half here. (I’ve put Seraphina on my list. Love a dragon always).
  • I have this old list from Nadia L. King  bookmarked on my laptop as there are a few things there at interest me; having read a few of them already I feel she and I at least have converging taste in books, and so trust her judgement.


Obviously Instagram is where I get most of my reading recommendations nowadays, a few bookstagrammers to follow;

@Liina Bachmann ; My estonian soul sister; I watch what she reads very closely and on occasion try to bully her into reading stuff I’ve loved.

@sophia_stories ; Someone who reads widely with an eye to political theory and contemporary events; I’ve gotten great recommendations from there.

@anicegreenleaf ; It’s so nice to follow someone who reads books I’ve barely heard, refreshing.

@oosterbook ; And also nice to follow someone who is obsessed with many of the same books. The secret history forever

@bookiewithoutborders ; She loves it,I read it.

@catebutler ; great pics always and a nice mix of classics,contemporary and crime.

@drummingonthecover ; His love of Thomas Hardy is infectious.

@bazfiction ; just the coolest dude and a nice mix of classics and contemporary.




10 thoughts on “Weekend, what to read and who to follow”

  1. thank you so much, so sweet of you, dear :)! I go to your and Anikky’s blog once a week when I binge read all the posts that you have written so sorry it took so long to notice that. I was looking around in bookstagram yesterday and found two accounts that might be of interest to you:

    https://www.instagram.com/subwaybookreview/ mini reviews from people who are caught reading on NY subway

    https://www.instagram.com/forgottenbookmarks/ a book dealer who posts about stuff he finds in the books

    https://www.instagram.com/ice_cream_books/ I didnt add this to my following list but I think it is worth scrolling a bit – such funny idea! But all the books get soiled though?!

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