Paper and scissors rock


So 2016 was finally over and it felt cathartic to butcher my wall calendar from Riflepaper&co. The intention was always to put it to use once it no longer served as a calendar. In fact the last months of the year it lounged in a drawer as there was nowhere to put it anymore.

  1. Framing; This one was obvious. A fair few of the illustrations in this wonderful Alice in Wonderland-calendar were quite big and very easy to frame.img_0096I went with this one to begin with, and have saved a few for when I have more wall space and more frames. Could possibly also become gifts.
  2. Notebooks;img_0105I love notebooks and have made a few during the last year. I’m no expert but they are nice enough. I learnt how to make these slim ones from a book but a quick search online will yield better tutorials then something I could ever manage. I prefer many slim notebooks to a few big ones; less weight in my bag and I get to change them often(I do use a lot of notebooks)
  3. Cards; A few were an awkward layout so I cut out the nice bits and aim to use them for my correspondence. (I don’t really need more Alice in Wonderland cards but whatever).
  4. Bookmarks; One sheet was turned into bookmarks, those will probably become gifts.



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