Weekend and The Vinculus

Yet the reason for Vinculus’s celebrity-or notoriety-was a little mysterious. He was no better a magician than any of the other charlatans with lank hair and dirty yellow curtains. His spells did not work, his prophecies did not come true and his trances had been proven false beyond doubt.

That is the case of Vinculus. But he is pivotal to the plot, and offers much in terms of comic relief. He does not have an easy life and deserves a cocktail,no doubt. And I went all in.

img_5731The base spirit is Johnnie Walker because old Vinculus is a vagabond. (Again with the wordplay!!). He likes his hot spiced wine so I made a syrup with white wine,cinnamon,star anis and sugar, then poured it over pineapple chunks and let it infuse over night. I had long wanted to included pineapples in one of my cocktails inspired by this book; they were such a thing back in that era(and are referred to in the book several times), and Vinculus does have an important meeting at a place called “The pineapple”. Then it’s lemon juice and egg white (again with the sours!!). The blue markings on top of the foam was a bit of a reference to something in the story, made with food dye. Can easily be omitted and it was a bit of a mess really. That was just me trying to stay “true to the book”.

White wine&pineapple syrup;

Bring 3 dl of white wine(nothing fancy; basic Chardonnay) to the boil with 3 dl of caster sugar. Also add 2 cinnamon sticks,2 star anis, a couple of green cardamom pods. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes, until all the sugar has dissolved. Let cool a bit and then pour over 4 dl of chopped fresh pineapple and let infuse over night. The syrup should be rather rich as the enzymes in the pineapple break it down. No need to remove all the spices before letting it infuse but maybe take out half of them. After it’s done don’t throw away the pineapple chunks; they are very tasty to eat with whipped cream and meringue (although for adults only).

The Vinculus; yields one cocktail

4 cl Johnnie Walker red label

3 cl white wine&pineapple syrup

2 cl lemonjuice

1 eggwhite

for serving;

cocktail coupe

  1. Shake ingredients in ice filled shaker until well chilled.
  2. Pour into the glass.
  3. Serve.

This did taste very nice; spicy and sour at the same time with a lot of depth from the fact that it’s wine-based and the pineapple added freshness.



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