The Childermass

Childermass knows. Childermass understands.

It is rare but it does happen; Mr Norrell acknowledges the importance of his manservant. Mr Norrell prefers his books but for life to function he needs someone to deal with the more worldly aspects;enter Childermass.

Having been in a magician’s service a long time, and having his roots in the North to begin with, he has picked up a few tricks himself. And that’s not the last of his talents. Childermass is nothing like a butler to be sure, he is a force of nature.

He is a man very at home in gin-joints and pubs. What we call gin now is a far cry from what was known as gin back then so I based this drink on “Oude genever”; the mother of the mother’s ruin(as it came to be known) and a spirit that has more common with whiskey then London dry gin.

I addition to that I used a salty licorice-syrup; salty licorice is perhaps a very scandinavian flavor that isn’t easy to get a hold of but it’s what I used. It’s black colour was a nice visual reference to Childermass’s dark clothes, and he is an acquired taste,just like salty licorice. A little grapefruit juice to round it all off, I don’t think he would like it more complicated then that.


The Childermass; yields 1 drink

5 cl oude Genever

2 cl Salty licorice syrup

1,5 cl freshly squeezed grapefruitjuice

for serving;


  1. Shake the ingredients in an ice-filled shaker.
  2.  Pour into the glass and serve.

This is strong and complex cocktail but one that has been appreciated by those who have tasted it(all swedes though). The licorice gives a wonderful aftertaste.



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