…& Mr Norrell

Carry about,exclaimed mr Norrell, more chocked then ever. “But surely you do not intend to take them from place to place? You must put them in a library the moment you arrive. A library in a castle will be best. A stout well-defended castle…”

Mr Norrell is the seasoned magician in this story, well-versed in all the classic “books of magic”. A Scholar and a Gentleman. But not much for traveling and quite frankly the ways of the world are an enigma to him. He prefers a quite life, and leaves the messy details to his manservant Childermass. Mr Norrell much prefers drinking tea in his library and who can blame him?

In the end I decided that he could use a bit of sherry to calm the nerves in addition to some smokey tea, elderflower cordial( full of magical properties are elder trees) and some coffee-&Chocolate bitters. Seehuusen’s bitters can be hard to track down outside of Sweden; you can use chocolate bitters from “Fee Brothers” or “The bitter truth” instead.

The Mr Norrell;yields 1 cocktails

4 cl dry sherry

3 cl cold lapsang tea

2 cl elderflower cordial/syrup(store-bought is fine)

2 dashes of Chocolate bitters

fore serving;

tumbler/old fashioned-glass

a few ice cubes

lemon zest

  1. Stir the ingredients in an ice-filled stirring glass until chilled.
  2. Add a few ice-cubes to the glass and then pour over the cocktail.
  3. Zest with the lemon and then let the peel join the drink.

This is a nice apéritif or something to sip on warm days.The combination of floral and smokey is something that I’m partial to and it works very well in this drink, with the bite from the chocolate giving it a roundness.






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