A night at the museum..

Person A; ..and then we went to the Mediterranean museum.

Person B; Was the exhibition good?

Person A; Don’t know,didn’t see it, just had lunch at Bagdad Café and then bought a few things in the shop.

Person B; That shop is really good though..

-conversation I’ve had a million times or so with my friend J; it’s interchangeable who is person A and person B.

It should be noted that Bagdad café, the museum restaurant, really is very good; they have splendid lunches. And the shop is great; so many wonderful gifts in the form of Aleppo-soaps,jewelry and lovely bowls from Morocco, it has saved me many times when I’ve drawn a blank as to what to buy someone as a birthday present.

But the other day I actually, for the first time in years, had a proper look at the exhibition, and it isn’t all bad.

To begin with the museum is quite small. They’ve tried to make the most of it by building in the courtyard although a part of me feels that they lost something in the process. It used to be this wonderful open space in the middle that felt very greco-roman.


Another thing that has changed, for the better, is that it’s a museum more in step with the times. Even though it’s just a mentioning and some photos I did appreciate that they brought up the war in Syria and that it isn’t just taking lives but also wrecking havoc with history and cultural heritage(in the case of daesh that’s in fact exactly what they want to do). There is also space dedicated to bring up the history of the early collections and how museums around the world started out, with a lot of passion for the objects and very little sympathy for the people who’s history they were a part of.


It was a nice visit. Nothing amazing but I can always be counted on to get all giddy about Egyptian history. You can find out more here.







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