Weekend and where I buy books.

I’m lucky enough to live in a city which has an excellent network of public libraries and I make frequent visits to them, however I also buy books. Not that you asked but let me tell you where.

Adlibris.com; If I know what I want, I often buy books online. Yes I’ve heard all about “internet shopping killed the bookshop star” but this swedish online bookseller has in fact gone the other way; they opened a shop after a while. Point is that I often want books that are not available in Stockholm; even bookshops will have to order them for me so I might as well cut out the middle man and do it myself. This is an(un/fortunate) consequences of reading international magazines, nerdy blogs and other books. It’s been like this for a long time, so I’m for one am very glad that online sellers exists. I prefer Adlibris to a lot of international sellers not for patriotic reasons but as it only takes a few days for things to get to me,and they get the adress and delivery right; a few years ago my books were always sent to the wrong place as swedish names and addresses made no sense( I’m not innocent in this; whenever I send mail to India I’m confused AF about all the information. You need bigger envelopes for all of it to fit).


Adlibris shop;The shop that Adlibris opened is not that well stocked with stuff I want to read but I buy an awful lot of books as presents here. They have paperbacks and a large(very good) selection of cookbooks and coffee table books that make excellent gifts. There are also a few tables with notebooks,Penguin mugs,teas and other miscellaneous goods that make people happy. Located at the corner of Mäster Samuelsgatan and Regeringsgatan ,it’s in the middle of the city.


Rönnells Antikvariat; Not far from there actually, down at Birger Jarlsgatan, is one of my favourite second-hand bookshops. The have a reasonable english section in the basement but obviously they do swedish books so much better. And they have rows and rows of wonderful art books; that’s what you really should check out. Find more info here.


Söderbokhandeln; I don’t visit Södermalm(the south side of Stockholm) very much these days. But when I do this is often one of the reasons or at least I make a point of stopping by. A very charming shop with excellent staff, a good selection of books in english and one of the cosiest corners in bookshop history. It’s a gem and one that often is seen around instagram feeds. More info here.


The English bookshop; Another reason to go to Södermalm, although it used to be located in Old Town. This shop is dedicated to books in english, as the name suggests, and as such it is absolutely brilliant. A lot of books and informed staff. More info here. (I preferred when they were in Old town).

Myrorna; When I say Myrorna I mean the particular branch by Gustav Adolfs kyrka(Gustaf Adolfs kyrkogata 5-7),it is the one I visit regularly and also the one I donate books too. All those visits have served me well. The trick with second-hand bookshops, all second-hand shops really, is to go and browse often without a particular idea what you want.  This place is where I’ve found a lot of really nice books for no money at all including “The folded clock” by Heidi Julavits and a bunch of vintage Penguins. That said any branch of Myrorna is worth a visit; it’s a chain of charity shops and most of them have books for sale.


Papercut; Last but not least another place at Södermalm but on the other side of that island. Mostly magazines and DVD:s (it’s where you can get “The happy reader”) they also have a nice selection of books about food,lifestyle,fashion and art. Such a great place to stock up on stuff for a Sunday afternoon. More info here.

Also worth mentioning; A lot of people love Hedengrens(I don’t, they never have what I want,), Akademibokhandeln is the biggest, Pocketshopen sells paperbacks all over town,



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