50 shades of human

img_9834To quote J.K Rowling on the cover “An important and timely read”. That really says it all.

So many people need to read this, my biggest fear is that those who “need” it the most will use their “ignorance deflector shield” and not even notice that it’s been published.

Did it open my eyes to the fact that racism is still a huge issue for society? No. I’m not gonna say that I’m “WOKE” (and I don’t know if we need that word even) but I’m not ignorant of the world, just spared most of it’s harshness due to being a white woman living in Sweden. In the statistics I count as a second generation immigrant but my mother is from Finland; the neighboring country. I’m white. The worst that ever happens is that people will think that I over consume coffee(Finland is usually on top of coffee drinking countries, followed by Sweden), that I have a fondness for vodka and joke about horrible Finnish cooking(and I laugh along because it’s mostly horrid but then there is the pirogi with egg butter and all is forgiven).

This book provides me with answers, and something to refer people to, when I end up in a very awkward situation; when people who are racist(more or less) assume that I agree with them because I’m also white,of supposed christian background and I’m a woman with a pleasant face. People confide in me, and think that I won’t be offended by racial or sexist slurs. But I am, very much so. I believe in universal human rights, and will defend them.

Which is always a bit like a chipmunk, high pitched voice and all, trying to get a point across to someone who doesn’t want to listen. The times I’ve had discussions about rape statistics with certain people makes me want to cry. I bring that up because it is often the same kind of people who say that immigrants are a)lazy and are)stealing our jobs. These essays are better written then anything I could ever manage to say, they are the words of the people who have lived it and those voices are sorely needed.  I can always refer to experiences of friends and co-workers but having it in print is better.

A bit of it flew over my head due to the fact that as well-versed that I am in brittish culture I don’t know all of it, I’m always a visitor(and sadly I have never seen a single episode of “Eastenders”).

Which brings me to “Rasismen i Sverige-nyckeltexter 2010-2014” which was published in Sweden the other year. Unlike The Good immigrant this is made up by previously published texts, but put together they make a valid point. We pride ourselves with our equality up here, but that isn’t for everyone. To know that those sentiments are lurking around the corner isn’t pleasant. But being aware is always the first step to help change things. Know thy enemy and all that, 2017 is when we bring back humanity on the right track.

On a lighter note; take this test to know how woke you are



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