Fails in review: 2016

  • Polishing my silver with bicarbonate of soda; I read this on a few different places as a way to avoid using harsh chemicals on cutlery and being more environment-friendly. It didn’t really work. I used a lot of bicarbonate of soda, and rubbed my little heart out, but very few of the knives,forks and spoons turned out nice and clean.img_9757
  • My avocado plant;When I read this on a blog it did say that it will take several months. It’s been almost a year and nothings happened. It’s doesn’t qualify as art so it goes in the thrash. I know people who have luck with this so this is probably a case of very un-green fingers on my part. I rejoice in my little forrest of oaks instead.img_9433
  • Using the mindfulness app every day; this was one of my New Year-resolutions. I did it for a handful of days in January and then in December. In fact still doing it. So it was a fail for 2016 but could turn out to be a success in 2017.
  • Making my own scented candles. I do love a scented candle and so many blogs make it sound super easy to make them. I saw this thing in a magazine about using perfume to scent them and I was flabbergasted. It went against everything I know about perfume(not a lot in all fairness) like the fact that it is sensitive to heat. But it was in a magazine!! And I’ve been told I’m a stupid cow so many times I don’t trust my instincts. I tried it. It was a disaster; they didn’t smell at all(I used samples I didn’t care for so lost nothing but time and dignity. Will try again with essential oils)img_0115
  • Reading Thomas Hardy. His works belong to the classics and I’ve been meaning to read him for ages. I made two attempts with “Far from the madding crowd”. The first copy fell to pieces(some pages lost in the wind at a London train station), the second had to be returned to the library before I managed to finish it. Will try again this year.img_9764

And now I will put 2016 to rest and make the best of 2017.




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