Weekend,wool socks and worthy reads


January brings the snow,

makes our feet and fingers glow

-from “The months” by Sara Coleridge, The poem of the Evening 170103

I realize that the “makes our feet and fingers glow” refers to the extremities being frozen. But all I could think of was the many pairs of red socks and mittens that my Granny has knitted for me over the years. I remember as a child asking “why red?” and she said something to the effect of “red is a warm colour and they will be better at keeping the cold out. It will lift your spirits looking at them”. I firmly believed that, and as an adult I think maybe she had a point. They were also easy to spot when I dropped them and I never got the red mittens mixed up with someone else’s at school. I should take that into consideration in future.

A few other things to take into consideration;

  • Life in a Cold climate recommended/linked to an article about female stereotypes ages ago and only now have I gotten around to  reading it. You should read it too. Here is where.
  • I read Beowulf in the translation by Seamus Heaney last year and really enjoyed it. Thinking about reading the Tolkien-interpretation too. This review compares them, and declares Heaney the winner, but still manages to get me excited about Tolkien’s version.
  • Edge of evening had a lovely little post about January and resolutions that you can find here. I thought it inspiring.
  • I’m currently reading “The Good Immigrant” and it has got me thinking about privilege. This is a good read on it.
  • “Did Instagram kill the blogging star?” asks Angry baker in London a.k.a. @angrybaker. I have no clue, I started blogging( again) just a while back but then again I’m so un-trendy it hurts. Several people have asked this on IG lately, it’s funny somehow…





One thought on “Weekend,wool socks and worthy reads”

  1. So glad you enjoyed the article (btw, I think the links should be the other way around), it’s a powerful read. And while I definitely think IG is taking a lot of the time people used to spend on blogs (both blogging and reading), for some things I see no good alternative. For untrendy people like us who like to write, I’m afraid blogs are still the way to go.

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