Travels and tea-towels

img_9438Let me tell you what I did; about 2 years ago I decided to make tea-towels my souvenir of choice(and chocolate). When I travelled someplace I would try to find a nice,good-quality tea towel at my destination. It’s a memento and it’s useful. I have managed to find them everywhere and seriously, tea-towels are a lot more stylish nowadays then the plain white ones I grew up with(not knocking the plain white ones though). I’ve come across more nice prints then I really need. Museums are good places to look, and big department stores. These do perk up the kitchen. And when they are worn out I’ll probably cut out the still good bits and use for a patchwork quilt or something. So the memento stays in circulation for longer.

Just an idea. It has really worked for me.(I love it when I find tea-towels with maps on them. I love maps but have no wall space left).



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