The longest month&links to leftovers

I’ve spent the weekend clearing out Christmas. I didn’t get around to buying a tree this year so it was fairly easy. I usually don’t do it this early but next couple of weekends look like they are going to be busy. I make a nice ritual of it; put on some holiday tunes, heat up the last of the “glögg” and put things away at a slow pace. Then I cleaned the house from top to bottom including the cupboards. New year,new me.


  • Have you heard that thing about polishing shoes with banana-peels? Because I’m sure you have a few after making nutrious smoothie-bowls(I don’t really know what smoothie-bowl is,nor do I care. People just seem to be really into it right now. That and going to the gym). Anyway:I tried it and it works. “Waste not,want not” I always say. Yes; your shoes will smell a bit of banan but that goes away quickly. A proper polish once in a while is recommended but this is to be considered. Here is how to.
  • Cleaned out the fridge.I hate throwing away food but mouldy jams found in the far back of the fridge are not edible. Winter is also the time to defrost the freezer.
  • This time of year it’s good to go through the spice rack; not everything keeps forever. It doesn’t go bad but it loses it’s flavour. A good thing to make is your own “curry powder” i.e. a mix of spices that quickly turns anything into a pot of aromatic culinary goodness. Have a look at this one or search the webb. Curries are a great thing for winter time meals.
  • Remember that almost anything can be made into pancakes. Corn flour,rice flour,wheat; adding milk and eggs, frying them in butter, eat them with jam. Clear out your cupboards and use what you have.
  • Sharpen the knives and scissors. Getting it professionally done once in a while is a good idea but maintaining that edge on a regular basis is key( but oh so easy to forget). Get yourself an automatic sharpener and get on with it. How often depends on the quality of your knives and how often you use them.
  • If you,like me, made Romtopf this past summer now is the time to start treating yourself.Beating the winter blues with a boozy dessert works every time.



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