img_9383If you,like me, have several books on the go at the same time then you will need a way to mark the pages. I don’t mind dog-earing pages really, I trash my books anyways with margin notes and what not, but I read a fair bit of library books and those most be taken care of.

I find myself using assorted things. The usual suspects like actual bookmarks bought in bookshops(Persephone books gives you a book mark with every purchase; they are wonderful and look like their gorgeous endpapers), bought in Museum shops(it’s an excellent souvenir), tickets and playing cards that I find laying in the streets. It’s surprising how often I do, and even more so that it’s often the queen of hearts.

However I also make them. Many a friend has been gifted one that I’ve made using watercolor paper and nail polish. I used the same technique as with the Christmas cards; just a different size paper and I dipped the whole thing.

Fancy packing is another source. If the box is of a sturdy material just cut away. If it’s a thinner material it can be strengthened using watercolor paper and Mod-podge i.e. decoupage glue, or regular paper glue. This also works with nice images from magazines and art books.

It’s best to glue the backing paper to the image or nice packaging first, and cut after it’s dried. If using decoupage glue then obviously you can give the bookmark a coat on the front to protect it from wear and tear.

But bookmarks are disposable things. They fall to pieces,fall out of books or are forgotten,sometimes on purpose, in library books when they are returned.

I was given this lovely bookmark with an owl”on top”. It was constantly in danger of being damaged so I cut off the owl with pliers and made a brooch(the american word, I usually say pin I know)


Another bookmark that has come to live a very different life is the one my friend K. gave me as a present one year. It’s of metal and too heavy for the paperbacks I often carry, it kept falling out. But it was a gift, and such a clever one too! On it is this list of books to read. After some consideration I went to a jeweler and had it made into a cuff. They had to cut some bits off because I have tiny writs but none of the titles were removed.

img_9387Lately I’ve been using mostly gold earring and rings, and this one is unwieldy when having to put on layers and layers of clothes, but it will be used again. A perfect accessory of a bookworm like me. Although I doubt that I will ever make it through all the titles that are printed on this(5o books you must read was the heading that was cut of). I doubt that I will ever enjoy Joyce.


*Yes I know; this is a cuff not a bracelet. But it sounded better as a headline.


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