Mindepartementet&Mission to see

img_9371I don’t know that much about art. Or maybe I do. I have never studied it as such but I have read a bit and seen loads. That is my talent; I manage to actually get my ass to the museums and galleries in my own hometown.

I took some work to get into the habit, it’s so easy to put things off that are around the corner and end up only viewing art when traveling.

One of the places that I love and keep on my radar here in Stockholm is “Mindepartementet”. It used to be called Fotografins hus, then for a short while it was re-namned Panoptikon. The change has to do with administrative changes but the intention has remained the same; to give space to less well known photographers. And I’ve seen brilliant things. The exhibition with photos from the Stasi headquarters in Berlin by Daniel&Geo Fuchs has stayed with me, as have The island-a case study of a collectors mind by Hyun-Jin Kwak. Photographers I had never heard of before, and probably wouldn’t have encountered otherwise but stuff that blew my mind.

Currently on display? Christer Strömsholm and Graciela Iturbide. Strömholm is a swedish photographer who is in fact rather known; his black and white photos I actually recognized when I saw them, I just didn’t know they were his, or much about the story of them. You can read more here. I went mostly for Iturbide.

I didn’t know anything about her either but when I checked the program I saw that she had been let into the house of Frida Kahlo and been allowed to take photos. In the show there are a few ones from the bathroom. Still a Kahlo-fangirl at heart.  In addition are pictures from when Iturbide stayed for a time in a village in northern Mexico which is a matriarchy and those photos are great; the woman with iguanas in her hair, the celebration for “death day” and just communal life. So glad to have seen them and if you live in Stockholm I urge you to take the short walk to Skeppsholmen and do so. Free admission and they have a lovely café adjacent to it; a lovely little weekend excursion. You can read more here.

Another thing that has free admission are many of the state run museums. This was a decision by the current government as a way to encourage more people to take part of culture. Discussions whether free admission actually leads to that are had elsewhere. It’s a fact and I plan to make the most of it. In addition to the venues that I already love, and in some cases support with membership or donations, I will try to see them all in the coming year. You have been warned.



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