Notes on a dinner

img_9306“The best plans are laid by men and mice” they say. I made plenty of plans for the Christmas dinner; how did it turn out?

That blue table runner I had planned on using? Managed to get stains on it the day before and so the table  was covered  in a classic white tablecloth and just that. Cover plates got polished, the green serving plates and my “green gurgle fish jug”(one of the best things I’ve been given ever) made an appearance, as did lots of food. And the linen napkins were tied in a knot. A rather understated but elegant table setting.

Food-wise I did buy a few things; I went by a greek deli and picked up a few “dolmades”(rice filled leaves), filled peppers, a couple slices of “Spanakopita” (feta cheese and spinach pie). I made “Keftedes” (meatballs with mint) as planned and they turned out really well. The pork my mom brought was also a success. Making a tzatziki with cucumber, a task of saffron and a little honey was a nice cooling sensation to all the spices. The roast potatoes were heavy on the garlic and rosemary but oh so tasty.The feta cheese and beetroot salad was very tasty but I made to much of it; I’ve been eating it ever since(not that I mind). Olives were munched all through the evening as were these lovely little tomatoes that I bought. The vegetables are often lacking from the classic swedish smorgasbord but it really makes a difference having some fresh greens to cut through the heaviness.

The big “disaster” was the desert; I’m not great with filo-pastry and it ended up being way too dry. So everyone just eat the filling(apples,nuts,raisins,honey and spices) and the whipped cream with vanilla which worked out just fine.

If we ever make a “best of table” I think it’s the Keftedes that will represent the Greek-inspired Christmas of 2016. But in the end everyone was happy just to be together, which is the point. Now it’s just a matter of ending the year quietly, hoping that no more people die or disasters happen. It’s gonna be nice to turn a new leaf.



2 thoughts on “Notes on a dinner”

  1. This looks and sounds delcious!

    I am a lover of very traditional and “safe” food and every time I’m in Sweden I eat lots and lots of Rödbetssallad and Räksallad – the ones they sell in the tiny plastic boxes, ready made in store. Well I hope I got the names correctly. Beetroot is so good in any form though.

    1. You did get the names right! The thing is rödbetssallad is eaten all year round so it feels like it doesn’t belong on the Christmas table in it’s normal form; that’s why I want to shake it up a bit.

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