Weekend and who am I?

img_5282Well this poster I took a photo of in Vienna pretty much sums it up. But let me reintroduce myself;My name is Suss. I’ve got 99 problems but the books ain’t one. Neither is cocktails. Everything else is shit I’m still trying to figure out.

Joan Didion once said”I write entirely to know what I’m thinking”. That could go also for this blog. So basically I’m trying to share my love of books, my knowledge of cocktails and my failings and findings in the other aspects of my life. I’m still trying to figure that out too, what to write about I mean. But I do enjoy it and have made a habit of it the last months.

Which means that this is for,lack of a better word, “a lifestyle blog”. Ha! just what the world needs, right?

I don’t get paid for it. My opinions are my own, so are the photos unless stated.

I aim to post every day; I know myself well enough to know that it works best for me, that way it will be “top of mind”. That’s the reason my cocktail blog(here if you want to see it) didn’t work; I don’t drink that much(I just talk about cocktails all the time) and with too much time in-between post I loose my mojo.

That said I’m taking a few days off to celebrate christmas but will be back next week. Until then you can probably find me on Instagram because I love it and can’t keep away.



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