End of the year/empties

img_9225I’m not a beauty blogger. I repeat; I’m not a beauty blogger. There are plenty of people out there that try products,compare,have a wealth of knowledge and who’s advice I listen to. Life in a cold climate. Caroline Hirons. Sali Hughes.

These are but a few products that work for me and there are no surprises really. Tested classics and a lot of H&M because it’s a part of society here. I work close to an H&M(everybody does in Stockholm) so that’s often where I pop in if I need something. And I have had luck with a few of the products in their beauty range that they revamped last year.

  • Anything Nuxe but the classic oil in particular; I love the smell of it(but oddly enough wasn’t turned on by the perfume they made inspired by it) and slather myself in this stuff. I love the kind with gold in it for summer, just a bit on the collarbones. In summer I also use it in my hair as instead of putting perfume on my skin. Sexy vibes.
  • Vichy Thermal serum; no surprise there. Neither my first nor my last bottle.  I’m one of those women who loves a french pharmacy and that Vichy,Avène and La Roche-Posay are now readily available in Sweden makes me happy. If they can stop charging a hand and a foot for the Caudalie-range I would be ecstatic.
  • Lancome Hypnôse in Brown; as far as make-up go I mostly like to look like a better version of myself and then lipstick. Lipstick is what I like really and this is the best mascara for me; frames my eyes and stays on. I’ve had problems in the past with black mascaras irritating my eyes so I stick with brown. If I want a full lash look for a night out I use this first and then put a black on on tip(mostly on the edges).
  • Maria Nila hair products; I use one bottle of shampoo for every bottle of conditioner it seems. I’ve tried many shampoos in the past but this is one that has a reasonable price and lasting effects. I also like that it’s parabenfree, no animal cruelty and all that jazz. I try to make good decisions (and then I fail and go buy H&M). It should be noted that I have long hair and a lot of it but like so many scandinavians my hair is soft,thin(a constant battle for volume) and subject to harsh weather conditions.
  • H&M all-day liquid “flawless finish” foundation; I used to be devoted to Erborian BB cream but when it was out of stock I bought another BB cream that didn’t work(haven’t thrown it away; will use it on my legs for summer) and in a panic bought this. And it gets the job done excellently. Just enough coverage and it blends very well, I use my fingers. I have fairly good skin and I’m OK with a few imperfections especially since I had a period of my life with horrible skin(I had to go on heavy medication for it to clear up). This is light and has a very good price. The cap breaks the minute you open it though; downside of many budget beauty products.
  • H&M pure velvet blusher in “Dusty rose”; Oh this was a spontaneous purchase and I’ve been so pleased with it. They have great colours in their range and I’ve had no problems with break-outs or anything. Just a hint on the cheeks for a fresh look is what I want and this works. I will however say that I’m also very fond of Chanel powder blusher in “In love” which is a lovely universally flattering pink. I put that on with a Laura Mercier brush, for this I use my fingers(and don’t worry;I’m slightly OCD and wash my hands a lot).
  • H&M set of eyebrow wax and powder in Chocolate; I have brows. Long hairs, a lot of them and they mostly need taming, with both tweezers and wax. You need a little brush for this(“Other stories” make better brushes then H&M I think) and I also have a “Mascara brush” so I can comb them. As I need very little in this department I don’t want to spend a lot of money  and I don’t need to with this.





7 thoughts on “End of the year/empties”

  1. great post! From you list I have used only the Vichy serum (good, but made me bread out in my forehead, usind the Korean brand It’s Skin one now) and I agree about pharmacy brands. My fave is Avene, never had a bad experience with them. For body care I go for Eucerin ph 5.5 shower oil and bodylotion. I don’t like to spend bigh bucks on stuff I costantly have to restock so if I find something that works and is affordable I stick to it. Only execption is foundation as I have not found a cheap one that would be as good as chanel or ysl. And agreedabout H&M blushers – they have such vivid colors and a great choice of them . I have very fairl skin in winter so it is my main make up thing I use daily.

  2. I have used several bottles of Vichy and it’s great. I have moved on now, but I still recommend it to people who are not completely nuts about skincare. And that H&M blush is calling my name…

    (You put me into the same paragraph with Mrs Hirons and Sali. There are no words.)

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