Gift guide; On the hangers

img_9087If we are talking about gifts in terms of clothes we are in tricky territory, but a few suggestions.

  • Slow fashion by Jennie Johansson  and Johanna Nilsson or any other book of that nature; about how clothes impact the environment and how to care for clothes is a good gift; not because I think that sending someone on a guilt trip is advisable but as a key to betterment.  Or as I said before; nice books on the topic of fashion,the coffee table kind.
  • Actual hangers. This is what I’ve asked for. When I moved away from home I started buying the one kind of wooden hanger from IKEA so that they all match(I’m OCD like that) but I’ve asked for the sturdy plastic kind clad in black velvet; they take up less space.
  • A little sewing kit or a shoe polish kit. Again; very useful and they come in some very nice sets actually if you look around.
  • A cashmere sweater; everyone loves a cashmere sweater. I’ve had great experiences with the ones from ZARA but if you can afford some Brora ,go for it.
  • A matching scarf and beanie; they kind of thing that is always needed and having matching stuff does elevate an outfit.



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