Wrapping up the weekend

img_9240Weekend is coming to an end and Christmas is getting closer. However I’m finally done with the gift shopping and I feel the need to say a few things about wrapping presents.

It’s been pointed out before, and will be again, that traditional wrapping paper is not the best thing for the environment. A lot is used but it isn’t recyclable. There are options however.

As I’m going with themes that are countries I’ve been buying newspapers from that specific country for the last few years. It ties in to the theme and frankly I think it looks very stylish. And when the unwrapping is done it goes to the recycling station no problem. I used proper string to tie them and that string will be used over and over. It originally came from the packages of tea that I buy. Also very good to use when making homemade tree ornaments.

Another option is using plain brown paper with some black ribbon which I think can look very elegant. Wrapping in left over fabric is also an idea that I’ve used and it has great effect and can be reused. My nana told me how they used to wrap gifts in tea towels when she was a kid; the tea towel could be a part of the gift in fact.

It’s something to think about at least.

I also found that as myrrh is one of the scents in the John Galliano candle from Diptyque is goes really well with this Christmas; it rather smells like in an greek-orthodox church. Trying not to use it all up before the big day.



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