True blue;Christmas I love you

img_9219The dinner table will end up looking something like this on Christmas eve I think. It should be noted that the 24th is the big day of celebration in Sweden; that’s when families gather to overeat and desperately try to avoid sensitive topics.

As the theme is “Greece” I’m going with a white linen tablecloth (inherited) to start with, a blue linen runner that I made years ago (reusing fabric from when I friend got married and had medieval themes wedding and I made an outfit). The same plates,glasses and cutlery as usual(it’s the everyday stuff) and I’ll bring out the brass cover plates because the should be used. I need to give them a proper polish before though. The linen napkin as a knot will appear; I’m really into it right now. As the big serving plates I have are these green ones(I have two) they will appear probably. I also have a few brown plates somewhere that could look nice. Pared down and  a bit rustic is the feeling I’m going for. A jar of pine cones might look nice instead of flowers. Or maybe spread the pine cones one the table?

The little houses that I bought as a kid(when Greece stilled used drachma as their currency; the price tag is still underneath) with be table decorations I’ve decided. Throw in some tea lights and that’s all there is room for.

Menuwise I’ve been looking at these two books(in addition to my own culinary memories). Danyel Couet’s book Paris-from chèvre chaud till couscous merguez is in Swedish but he basically visits all the neighborhoods in Paris and cooks a few dishes from each including the area around Saint-Michel which is the Greek quarter. Falling Cloudberries-a world of family recipes by Tessa Kiros is of a similar kind but she explores her family tree and cooks accordingly, which means a touchdown in Greece.

There will be a bowl of olives. Instead of classic Swedish meatballs there will be the kind with mint, keftedes. Instead of Tzatsziki, the classic yoghurt,garlic and cucumber sauce, there will be a yoghurt,saffron and cucumber one. Roast potatoes. A salad of beetroot(very classic Swedish stuff) but without mayonnaise and instead some nuts,feta cheese and some kind of dressing. My mother will make a lemony roast pork fillet. I’m gonna visit the greek deli this week and see what nice things they have on offer to add to this. Maybe some dolmades just because  I really like the sweet and sour taste of them. The dessert will be some kind of apple pie using filopastry, loads of honey and spices; served,again, with yoghurt or yoghurt ice-cream. I might throw a couple of drops of orange blossom water on the apple pies for a baklava-feel. Does any of this make sense to anyone else?



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