Tables of Christmases future

img_9200Last year I was given a big box of tablecloths and doilies; many of which were damaged. Could I do something with it? Of course I can, but sometimes it takes me a while.

A big part of the box were Christmas-stuff; embroidered or printed doilies and a few were actually meant to hang on the wall I think.

My solution was to make a patchwork of them, creating a big tablecloth which is the only kind I use. The match isn’t perfect; I had to cut out bad bits and do the best I could. I used what is called a “table blanket” as the canvas to stick them all to; it ended up being like a laying a puzzle.

The effect is obviously maximalist. It won’t be used this Christmas(as I’m going for a white,blue,turquoise and green thing) but hopefully in the future. The dining room table is filled with sewing projects otherwise I would have kept it on there for the weeks leading up to the big event.

When I use it I will probably try to keep everything else simple; just a bunch of mismatched red candlesticks, white plates(might bring out the inherited brass cover plates now that I think of it), and the green ceramics from Swedish firm Uppsala-Ekeby that I sort of collect. Tying the linen napkins like this,into a knot, is something that I saw in an ad the other day and I’m really into it right now. It looks so nice, such a simple thing really, but just the dot over the i somehow.




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