Gift guide; On the wall


Who doesn’t want to get a Christmas gift that keeps on giving? Something to look at and provide inspiration?

  • A nice calendar to hang on the wall, helping with organization throughout the year, which can then be converted into art? I bought myself this Alice in Wonderland calendar last year and it has been a feast for the yeas. Rifle paper& Co makes all kind of drool worthy things(here).
  • If not stylish then charitable is an option when it comes to calendars. In the kitchen there has been a calendar with cute cats sold by the local shelter; all the proceeds go to their good work.
  • Silhouettes are super cool and timeless. This one is from a flea market which is a good place to look for them. Another option is to make them yourself. I did for Mothers day and it did take a couple of tries but I got it done. I used instructions similar to the ones you can find here
  • Everyone loves maps, I’m pretty sure of that. Again looking at flea markets and second hand book shops can be time well spent, something very original might turn up but a lot of high street stores carry nice ones. Getting it framed or mounted on foam board adds that extra touch because that’s the worst bit when it comes to decorating the walls.
  • However; “On the wall” doesn’t have to mean actual things to hang on the wall. Art books are a joy to have as they are often pleasing to the eye and informative. A membership in an art club or a museum is another way to provide eye-candy, and getting a membership for yourself so you and your friend(or partner) can go together makes it more special.



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