img_8926I’m always looking for “life hacks”. I have a thing for this type of advice book with guidelines on “how to live”. Most of them infuriate me however.( I’m slightly suspicions of 25-year olds that have always done everything “just so” and act like they have figured out life. They probably have, they are better people then me obviously but still. I guess that says more about me then them. )

Rita Konig I have a lot of love for. She is a bit bossy yes, but I think she has the advice to back it up. Another person who’s advice I listen to is Lucia van der Post.

She is a columnist for the Financial Times that’s how I came across her in the first place, then I tracked down her books.

Naturally a fair few tips go out the window because I live in a different culture so it doesn’t apply (Guy Fawkes-Night etc.) and some of her recommendations on where to shop are inapplicable most of the time as I live in Stockholm not London.

This time of year it’s suitable to browse the chapter on Christmas. She has some good ideas and what I appreciate is that this is a woman who has lived, worked and raised family. She has experience, and is willing to admit her failures. We do not have to make her mistakes. Which is the point of theses kinds of books.

Van der Post tells us about a few tricks and shortcuts in a very amiable voice. I have probably used Celebrate-the art of the special occasion(published in 2009) the most but I have nothing but good things to say about Things I wish my mother had told me. It will probably grow on me. It was originally published in 2007 but as I go through it much seems still to be relevant. Or the general idea of a thing if not the specific trend. Mostly she deals in timeless things like “how great is museum shops to shop for jewelry and accessories?”Her point in these books, as in her columns for FT, is that stylish don’t have to mean expensive. Which is an ethos I wholeheartedly agree with.



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