Gift guide; On the go


  • One of the cutest presents I have ever bought is this little “Carry on cocktail-kit” which contains a small bottle of tonic syrup and a tiny bar spoon so that your on board-cocktails can be upgraded. They also have one for an old fashioned. I bought it at NK here in Stockholm but it can also be bought here. Another option is buying a travel set of bitters which you can find here(I’ve bought one on another occasion for someone and it was a hit)
  • I have already mentioned the Hermés knotting cards which is a good gift for a traveler so that they can use their scarf in many ways. I have also talked about  travel size perfume. Obviously small books make excellent presents for someone always on the go.
  • A nice pen. I’ve become a fan of pens from Lamy as I like their colours and having a bright green (or pink) pen in the bag makes it easier to find. But no one ever has been disappointed in an engraved Parker pen.
  • Notebooks. Again; if you can get it personalized with a monogram so much the better.
  • A set of small tubes of hand cream. A classic stocking stuffer.
  • A bunch of umbrellas. In my humble experience having many umbrellas in a box by the door makes everything easier; as they break or get lost(in my case frequently)  quantity is key.
  • Jewelry rolls are a good thing; they come in the expensive shape of leather or ,if you are lucky, you can find them reasonably priced in fabric. I used to get them at a Vietnamese store here in Stockholm, or the Museum of East Asian art, but alas the store has closed and the Museum shop doesn’t carry them anymore. But have a look out. Very practical.



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