Pomanders and pocket books;when time is tight


One of the first things on my Christmas agenda is making pomanders. The simple act of putting cloves in oranges brings the smell of the coming holiday and they are like works of art laying in their bowl. It is the bare minimum and in terms of decorations it is quick, cheap and very very classy.

Another thing that’s useful when time(or in my case,space) is of the premium are “pocket books”. That’s what they are called apparently these slim volumes of which the Penguin little black classics have become the most well-known(here). The term “pocket-book” obviously comes from the fact that it fits in a pocket. It does however present a bit of problem for me as in Swedish paperbacks are referred to as “pocket-böcker”.

I keep them in my bag however. Since the decision to carry a significantly smaller “day bag” I have been obsessed with finding books small enough for it. And then that bag broke and I’m stuck using one that’s even smaller(I’m just gonna use the current bag until it breaks,which probably won’t take long. It’s poor quality and something that I was given. No point in donating it to charity as they probably can’t sell it  because of previously mentioned poor quality. I’m trying to make an environmentally sound choice here).

As I summerize this years reading( or starting to) I find that I’ve read a higher number of books then usual. I’ve kept a reading journal for years and as an economist  I always have a wee look at the numbers as I’m wired that way(although now I’ve switched to Goodreads which serves up stats unasked). The higher number is in part due to several of these little things. Novellix is a Swedish company that also produce pocket-books that I’ve read a few of(they have now started to bring out editions in english so worth checking out. Find them here).

In the pic I have also included one of the Penguin great ideas series because Orwell’s essays(I have all four by him in this series) was one of the things that I will remember reading most from this year. Also slim and very easy to carry around.

In short; they are small but they pack a punch. It’s worth considering smaller books if time and/or space is of the premium.



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