Gift guide; On the shelf

img_9137When it comes to gifts to the bookish I will first and foremost recommend you listen to what a professional has to say. Jen V. Campbell has put up a great video on her Youtube channel; find it here. Another idea is to look at all the “best of 2016”-list that are starting to turn up and see if anything seems appropriate. Apart from that?

  • I’m always gonna say that a nice scented candle(which is in most cases an expensive one) is a good gift. For the bookish there is alway Bibliothéque from Byredo and I have blogged about others here.
  • Nice notebooks with a literary tie-in. Moleskin makes the best notebooks in general and these limited edition ones are drool-inducing. Last year there was a few with an Alice in Wonderland theme, this year it’s Harry Potter. This notebook has the words “Mischief managed” on the back!! Find them here.
  • Sending snail-mail is back in fashion(or I’ll pretend so) and everyone is going ga-ga over cards from Obvious State(here),The classic Penguin covers(here) and I cracked for the Alice in Wonderland-set from Macmillan.
  • The Proust Questionnaire(here) is a fun gift for someone; it contains a questions about things in life that friends can fill in. Proust filled in one once and that’s where they got the idea. I had something similar called “My friends” when I was a child but this is a lot nicer; this one is used by Vanity Fair in every issue to paint a portrait of a celebrity. Get to know your friends better!



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