Deck the halls,Dress the tree

img_9118When it comes to Christmas tree decorations there are a lot of people who adhere to the principle of buying one nice ornament per year and slowly building a memorable collection. That’s good advice. If I wasn’t the impatient nitwit that I am I would have started collecting bird-themed ornaments because it would look so grand just to have a tree full of lights and different kinds of birds. As a stocking stuffer my mom has gotten a cat-style bauble every year for a few years(you would be surprised how often I come across them) but for myself it has been a wild mix of recycling and trying to stick with a theme.

This year, as stated previously, I’m gonna add these pompoms that I made for whatever reason. I do remember that instructions came from Designmom and you can find it here. A tree full of pompoms in different colours can look very cool I think, and a fun and easy project too.

For the Japanese themed Christmas I filled the tree with white origami cranes. Cranes are the only thing I can fold. I’m sure if you use a search engine of your choice a tutorial will turn up.

Last year I made these little plates using egg white and confectioners sugar; it’s a twist on a classic Swedish DIY ornament. On them I put cut outs from the Cire Trudon catalogue. It had no relevance to the theme or anything; I just thought it was nice. I also made these spheres using pages from a broken book but alas I have forgotten where I got the instructions( did I just see a similar thing somewhere and figured it out?)

I have bought a few nice things because my wantiness has gotten the better of me. In a previous flat there was no room for a tree and I just hung ornaments in the window; this star is from that year.

And these crochet napkin rings made by my mothers best friend have a special place in the tree. They had been laying unused in a drawer for decades when I got my paws on them and decided they could be used to decorate the tree. The friend sadly passed away last year and thus they  mean even more now.

Last but not least; childhood trinkets and odd earrings look great on the tree. Just a bit of elastic gold ribbon and BOOM!  A personal and stylish tree. I love my ballerina and my teapot and there is plenty more where that came from.

How do you decorate your tree?



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