Gift guide; On the vanity

img_9096In terms of beauty and accessories I have only a few suggestions but they are tried and tested so I can vouch for their usability.

  • If you buy a Hermès scarf you should get a little deck of cards on how to use it. What a lot a people don’t know is that the deck of cards can be bought separately(in Sweden it costs 150 kr approx €15) and then it can be used as a stocking stuffer or given with a nice scarf from another brand. I have given away so many of these and they are always a treat. It’s Hermés and useful; luxury in every sense of the word. The hitch is that they don’t always have enough to sell so get to the shops early.
  • Anything Nuxe; Or maybe that’s just what I want. But seriously; a lot of brands offer gift-boxes and they shouldn’t be scoffed at. If I went in to a french pharmacy and just grabbed a few of the shelves I’m pretty sure I would still manage to make everyone happy come Christmas.
  • On that note: giving someone perfume is fraught with difficulty. Giving someone a travel version of a scent they already use (mine is from Atelier cologne but Byredo makes nice ones) is a safe bet. Penhaligon’s sells an empty atomizer that you can fill yourself(here). Another option is buying other products in the same line i.e. Chanel No.5 bath foam is the kind of thing that no-one buys for themselves but I imagine it’s a joy to have.
  • Homemade body scrub ; I’ve given away countless jars of this, and used a fair amount myself and it’s not a bad way to go.It’s a mild way to peel the skin and olive oil (or almond oil) makes the skin supple. Just the thing this time of year. There is room for individuality in the scent but take care not to go overboard. I use bergamot oil every time; who doesn’t want to smell like a cup of earl grey? It should be noted that this scrub is best kept in the fridge and try not to get water in it as the sugar melts. On the upside there is no preservatives or any plastic in it. Because of this I rather give away smaller jars of it.


Homemade body scrub

2 dl of caster sugar

2 dl of raw suger

1 dl olive oil(or almond oil)

20-30 drops of essential oils (citrus is uplifting, lavender is calming, buy them at health food stores)

A big jar to mix it in

Small jars to give it away in

  1. Mix the sugars,the olive oil and the essential oil in a big jar. Stir plenty.
  2. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  3. Divide into smaller jars.
  4. Put labels on it. Give away.







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