Monday&Money. (Time is money. Time is time. Money is money.)

img_0302NB: This is a repost from last year; in broad strokes the advice holds up. Thought it be a good idea to share it again. /Suss

I start out months before , thinking to myself”I’ll get something thoughtful. It will be touching, and then I won’t have to spend as much!” And then I think “that’s a lovely idea, well done”. And then I’m so pleased with myself,I don’t do anything about it. So then you have to fudge your way through by overspending on beauty.

– A husband explains his dilemma in an old December issue of British Vogue

On Thursday it’s December first which means that Christmas is coming, and time flies when you are sipping on Mulled wine and listening to Wham. The best way to tackle the shopping is head on with list in hand.

1.Read the whole post before you begin.

2. Get yourself something nice to drink. Get pen and paper. Write a list of all the people you feel you should buy gifts for.

3. Check that list again. Do you really have to buy gifts for all of them? Maybe a suggestion to the family that it’s time to do some kind of “secret Santa”- exchange instead. A lottery maybe? It worth considering.

4. Allocate a budget to each name. It might feel harsh but a lot of people overspend during Christmas and few manage to put away money for it during the year.

5. Gifts are a sensitive issue; most people( adults that is) prefer getting thoughtful gifts rather than expensive last-minute buys. Although we all have sympathy for the situation. There are a few tricks and tips that are worth noting:

  • Several small gifts is often a better idea then a big one; statistically you are more likely to get one of them “right”. And everyone loves opening gifts, everyone!
  • Few lack things, it is rather a case of having too much already, so making aforementioned several small gifts a mix of consumption goods and a thing or two to keep is a safe bet i.e. a nice cookbook tighter with a premium olive oil and maybe a spice or two related to the cookbook.
  •  Think of a theme; it doesn’t have to be outspoken but rather as a concept you adhere to. A nice small bottle of Champagne, a cashmere sweater(from Zara or H&M) and a paperback is a nice evening at home. A map of the world, a journal and pen is something to have on the wall to plan trips and to keep a journal while traveling.I think you catch my drift.
  • Consider shopping online. Etsy is a great place to find unique gifts, and most big brands have online shops which saves time and energy. Nobody enjoys having to drag around heavy bags or overcrowded stores. Ordering in time is a necessity though.



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