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There are only two routes to go,aren’t there?Either make your own or buy them from a charity.

-Lucia van der Post in Celebrate-The art of the occasion

I agree with that statement. This year I ended up making my own as it was a nice distraction and it used up loads of materials that has been gathering on my desk.

  1. Marbled cards; I got into marbling with nail polish this spring through a post on Camille Styles that you can find here. The same principle as when marbling eggs as easter decorations applies to making cards. It did’t turn out exactly like I expected; the red became more pink but as someone pointed out “it ends up looking like the cross between a winter sky and my stress levels during this season”. It is made with love at least. I started by folding the A5 water colour paper in half. Then I filled up my bucket with enough water so that I could dip one side. Don’t use to much polish at once and do make sure you work in a well ventilated area. I used polish that I’d been given for this purpose(stuff that was unused, poor quality etc.) because going out to buy it seems like a bad idea for the environment. I have looked for instructions on how to dispose of the water and most say that as long as you make sure there is no polish left(skim off the top with other paper) you should be able to pour it down the drain. I have handed it in to the people at the recycling station just in case. Chemicals should not be dispersed into the environment. Obviously you can buy nice marbled paper and just cut squares and put on the front instead.


2.  Book page cards; If you have damaged books lying around cutting shapes an gluing onto the from of folded sturdy paper is very simple and stylish I think.  I have a thing for pine trees and that’s that.

3.Watercolor cards; With the use of just two colours and a simple flat 0,5 cm paintbrush a very simple pine tree can be painted. It’s just a case of figuring out the center and then draw wider and wider green lines until you think it’s big enough and then end with a brown vertical line for the stem.

In addition to this I would like to recommend a post on Camille Styles about how to upgrade your Christmas cards that you can find here.(I will absolutely use 1,2 and 4)



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