Weekend and what a clean desk I have!


Oh I’ve been a busy bee this week. I’ve meditated every day( are you impressed? I’m impressed) and applied myself to organizing my desk(but not so much taking inviting pictures of it).

The real reason why there is always some very unseductive clutter on top of it is that I’m impatient; I start more things then I finish and halfway or so they get abandoned on my desk for a few months(although I do finish a fair few). The Kon-Mari-method can’t help because often when I pick up the projects they “spark joy” and so I keep them.

Some stuff has been made into presents, a few things were used for Christmas cards (we’ll get to that) and these are two of the projects that are near completion.


The yellow ginkgo leaves were picked up of the ground when I was last in Paris two years ago. I folded them in a napkin and put the napkin in a book. And there they stayed for a long time. Then I put them in a folder on my desk. Now they have been glued to paper, as have this green leaf that I picked up in Vienna. I don’t know how come I did so but it could be the start of a nice collection; leaves from cities I’ve visited. Or something. Will have to frame before I can call this project “complete”. I had no idea what I was doing, some vague memories of school project flashed before my eyes but Design*sponge had a thing on how to press plants that you can find here.


I was given a fake pearl necklace that had broken. I was asked if I could do something with it, and I thought I could. And I finally have.

I like pearls although I do prefer them to be non-traditional. This image that I tore out of a magazine I don’t know when served as inspiration. I bought basic stuff at the craft store; they have these nifty little sticks so I basically only had to add the pearls,curl the end and boom: necklace and a pair of earrings. Very useful during the holiday season and hopefully I’ll wear them loads.  A few pearls were left over so I might make something more.

Have a great weekend!



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