A handful of advice


These are a few pieces of advice that I’ve been given, in one way or another, that I have found to be very useful. Passing them on to you.

  1. Keep those wire hangers that you get from the dry-cleaners; The old rule of “no wire hangers in the closet” still stands but the nice man that ran the dry-cleansers where I used to live pointed out that that should be saved for when guests are coming. They take up next to no space in the back of the closet and when visitors are expected they can be whipped out and a lot of coats can be hung un the hallway. A few hours on wire hangers won’t damage the shoulders.
  2. Always wash your hair twice; it’s what the hairdresser does at the salon and I was told to do the same at home. First wash is with just a small dab of shampoo and primarily in the roots. Really rub it in there. Then rinse and do a second wash with a dollop of shampoo and on the whole hair. This way it will be cleaner, by really getting rid of old product, and stay cleaner for longer. On that note I will say that during summer I try ,for the time I’m at the cottage, not to use any product or even wash my hair with shampoo but just rinse it in rainwater. Thus I try to recondition my hair. It works fairly well.
  3. Try serving Champagne on the rocks in tumblers; got this advice from a book by Rita Konig. Never fails to get people excited, so rebellious even when using cheap champagne or prosecco, and very handy for me since I always forget to put the bottle in the fridge so that is chilled.
  4. Have a gift drawer; Yes, I am turning into my nana. It’s a very good thing to have a drawer,box or bag somewhere in the house filled with little goodies for those time when you have forgotten someone’s birthday or get an unexpected invitation and want to bring the host/hostess something. It doesn’t have to be expensive things: I look out for fans like this one as they are very useful in summer, nice notebooks, the odd soap or chic bowls from the flea market. The bowl can for example be filled with fruit when gifting it.
  5. Make time to tell the people you love that they matter to you; obvious but it’s a thing that many people(myself included) forget to do. I need to remind myself sometime, and as it is close to Christmas I thought I’d throw it in there.




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