Cutting the rug..

img_8960I have a weak spot for oriental carpets(or rugs if you prefer that term: I use both because my english is a mess). So much so that I made a small on into a clutch.

They are not just for floors or hanging on the wall(something that I’m partial to; I blame part of my childhood being spent in the Middle east) but in general they are good to accessorize the home and the outfits.

I remember being fascinated by those old school bags made by Kelim carpets when I was I child. I still am in fact but they are heavy and not suitable for modern life. At some point I will buy one and use as storage (you can keep your overpriced Louis Vuitton steamers thank you very much).So I kept my eyes open for something small that I could make into a modern version. I had imagined making a shoulder bag of sorts but then the other year I came across a very small carpet which required very little to be turned into a clutch.

So I cut away the fringe, folded it so that I would have a small flap and stitched up the sides using a proper needle and durable thread. I did it by hand. I then added pushbuttons that I glued on using super glue first, then adding a stich or two. On the front and back of the carpet it’s much more difficult to sew as it is tightly woven.

And after making this I found out Marginal had done something similar but used what looks like a silk rug so it’s much nicer the mine. You can see it here. I really need to keep up netter with fashion magazines(or maybe I had seen it and it didn’t register properly, which I find weird. It’s the kind of thing that makes me clap my hands and coo)

As is often the case in my life, after I had made this little thing and toted it around, my mother got it into her head that I had a huge need for small carpets. She turned up with these.

img_8957Because of the design and their thickness they can not be made into clutches. So I turned them into cushions. I used leftover fabric cut to size for the backing. I zigzagged the sides of the backing fabric and then hand stitched them onto the carpets. There is no way my sewing machine could have handled that. And again; stiching on the sides of a carpet is much easier then in the actual weave. Make sure to put in the cushion before you close it. I used bought pillows to put inside.

I have become very fond of these and they are very comfy. Obviously not something to put in the washing machine, and they are at all times full of cat hair as she like rubbing herself against them, but I can easily take them apart, have them dry cleaned and put them tighter again should the need arise.

I do wonder what their intended use was though; for a hobbits burrow?



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