Pouring rain and Port Negus

img_8976I usually try to keep the cocktail post to Tuesdays but seeing as the weather is as awful elsewhere as it is here I thought I’d give you a tip on a literary cocktail tipple of sorts.

I published this pic on my Instagram account yesterday as it was what I served(Friday cocktails is a tradition in this house). I had come across references to the “Port negus” many times in books and cocktail books but it wasn’t until last year that I made it, and it really is the perfect drink for this time of year.

Essentially it is warm wine, in this case port which is heavier and fortified. That is then heated with lemon rind,lemon juice,water and a few spice(nutmeg and cloves seem to be the most common ones). Cocktail guru David Wondrich explains better then I do and you can find it here.

The reason that I got around to making it was several references to it in books by the Brontë sisters that I,finally, got around to reading last year. They are also very suitable this time of year. Reading works by all three sisters and a biography of them was very nice experience. I have not read other biographies about the Brontë sisters, or any of them individually, but this one was well-written,informed and very modern in it’s choice of telling their story “in nine objects”.

Port Negus is also mentioned in Dickens which you can read about here and Austen which you can read a bit about here.



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