Weekend and videos to watch

img_8953-1I don’t know much about beauty and skincare; if I find something that works for me I just stick to that. I prefer having long hair so that I can just put it in a messy bun(although I do that with very little sophistication). There are people out there how have great tips however. Some of them have inspired me to try new things, and I like to mention a few in no particular order.

  1. The Gothamista;

I got the tip about Reneé’s videos through Life in a cold climate and I’m forever grateful. I’ve been watching these obsessively; a lot of the products that she talks about are unavailable where I live but at least I’m learning things and have started to keep my eyes open. Ever year the difference between my skin in summer and winter gets bigger. A bit has to to with how some winters up here can be very harsh, oh and I’m getting older oddly enough. You can find her videos here

2.Lisa Eldridge make-up with lipstick tutorial;

Eldridge is obviously one of the biggest names in the make-up universe. Many of her tutorials are probably great but I  wouldn’t know because in reality I only like lipstick. Can’t make a smokey eye to save my life and don’t have the product to try. There is this one old video that I came across and that I have shared with friends over and over; how to use lipstick in many ways. I will admit to having used Laura Mercier’s “Plumberry” as a blush way more then as a lipstick. Find it here.

3. Zoella Hair-tutorial;

I’m not one for haul videos really, I don’t know how I ended up watching this hair tutorial from Zoella(she’s huge, so Youtube probably recommended it to me) but it is very good and “the four braids in the back”-style I have recreated and used to great effect. You can find it here.

4.In the bathroom with Sali Hughes

Sali Huges is one of those women that I admire and her body of work as a beauty journalist is stellar. She is not as active on her sight as she used to be but these “In the bathroom”-videos appeal to my nosey side. And I’ve learned a thing or two. Always entertaining to watch. Find it here.

Hopefully these will be helpful to you as they have been to me. If you’ve got any recommendations for videos please let me know; I need to up my skincare game and always putting my hair in a bun is causing damage.

Have  great weekend.







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