A piece of paper & peace of mind

img_8915One of my resolutions for 2016 in general was to use the Mindfulness-app on my phone more i.e. mediate a bit every day. I have failed that spectacularly. I’ve done it like a handful times only. In 2015 I got into the habit for a bit, and I do think it helps, but somehow it got lost along the way.

Another way I tried to achieve peace of mind was by using one of those coloring books for adults. It did the opposite; having to stay within lines somebody else has drawn made me go mad. Doodling on a notepad is better.

In the end I did find something that did have a relaxing effect, and was useful to; calligraphy. Admittedly in the last month or so I haven’t made the time for it but picking it up again.

I started by buying the Nib+Ink book by Chiara Perano, but there are others. Then I went on a shopping spree to find an ink, a few nibs and handles and some paper. Though so far I have mostly used the printable sheets available on Lamplighter London(here).

I find that practicing my lettering is very relaxing and it has improved my handwriting somewhat. I will also say that it is a joy to write with a proper nib as it makes the most soothing noise when it moves on paper. And then the little pause to dip into the ink. Very Jane Austen.



4 thoughts on “A piece of paper & peace of mind”

  1. Suss, do you have recommendations for the ink and nib itself? I think I want to try this too. And I can almost hear the sound you described, when reading this post 🙂

    1. For Ink so far Winsor&newton in blacks has served me well but I’ve bought a bottle of J.Herbin in green that I hope I’ll use. For nibs the Brause 361 have been the best of the one’s recommended in the book that I’ve gotten a hold of.

  2. Dipping the nib in the ink, very Jane Austen indeed. I have tried all the methods that you have mentioned and found them very relaxing. Meditation has become a habit while calligraphy and colouring are done occassionally.

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