Weekend,wreckages and what happened?

img_8881-It’s been a long week it feels like; Trump got elected as president of the USA which no one thought possible just a few weeks ago. Despite everything he has said in the campaign, and his track record in life and business, he has gotten the mandate to one of the most important offices in the world. Oh, and he has a court date for fraud in November.

-Getting 30 cm of snow in less then 24 hours is unusual even for Stockholm. We were not prepared. Winter comes every year so you would think that we have learned by now but no. We lie in denial of the weather.

-It’s not only my spirits that have taken a bruising this week; more clothes and accessories have broken. My beloved tote bag from Daunt books in London got a tear in it but luckily I got this lovely Ampersand-tote as a belated birthday present. One pair of winter boots turns out not to be worth repairing any more and socks and tights are being turned into cleaning cloths. I need to go shopping soon but not yet. It’s become a bit of an experiment to see how long I can last without doing so; I do look forward to this organic process of closet cleansing.

-My reading slump is still a thing. I have three books on the go right now and will try to finish them over the weekend.

-It’s been “No perfume week” here in Sweden which I have honored or whatever you might call it. Despite loving perfume I have a lot of sympathy for people who are sensitive and never use to much. Indeed I’m myself sometime get headaches from certain perfumes and too much of it on others . However I do look forward to spritzing myself with these samples from Byredo when I’m pottering around the house this weekend.

-Those that follow me on Instagram are probably already bored with always seeing the Essences of Galliano candle that I bought from Diptyque(here). How ever it has been lovely; it’s made it into the list of fave candles. I also know that Other stories have released a candle called “Le coin lecture” which is appropriate for a booklover but I found it to floral for this time of year. You can find that here.


-I recently read #Girlboss by Sophia Amaruso. I was underwhelmed by it which has a lot to do with cultural differences being too big and I thought the writing and editing felt sloppy. I Read here that her company is filing for bankruptcy which feels sad because she has become a role model for so many women, and it will be interesting to see what she does next.

-The Margery Kemp book also in that pic I’ve already said is less interesting then the episode on BBC4 “In our time” about her. The latest episode was about “Fighting Temeraire”; a painting by Turner and it was a very good episode. Next week it’s gonna be about Byzantine laws and I for one can’t wait. The history of the Byzantine empire is a lot more interesting then people think. But then I’m a nerd.

Have a great weekend!



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