An outfit of one’s own

Well ,I tried to make an outfit based on the cover and the end pages of my new lovely edition of Virginia Woolf’s A room of one’s own that I got from Vintage books UK. Not just one garment but two, and the success was 50%.

img_8717The top I tried to make using a black fabric that is some kind of cotton that was laying around and left over textile paint. But it became clear rather quickly that something was amiss with the red paint. I think maybe something got into it by mistake(some kind of thinner?). I don’t know when it happened, I haven’t used this since summer when I made my Pride&Prejudice kimono. Maybe it was just laying in the sun for too long? In any case the red paint did not stick (this is however red to use on dark fabric). And then I kind of gave up. This will be cut up to use for some kind of patchwork I think.

The “end pages-skirt” worked out better. I’m really into external pockets right now so went with that, even if it does give this a bit of an “apron-feel”. I actually didn’t use a pattern because this type of straight skirt/slightly tulip-y is something I can almost make in my sleep. It’s rather high waisted because that is also something I often go for when making things myself. I don’t know how much I will wear it right now( although; could kind of be cool for Christmas with the red and all).
imagesAfter seeing this image on of the Balenciaga 2017 resort collection I’m getting a summer vibe from it and start thinking about it with espadrilles and a simple white vest. And I have a vague memory of something from Dolce&Gabbana in a red and white stripe with sequined patches that could serve as further inspiration. Anyways; very happy with my end pages-skirt.



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